MoMARSAT cruise makes annual trip to Lucky Strike

News date: 
April 21, 2015

The sixth MoMARSAT cruise aboard RV Pourquoi pas? is underway through the month of April, visiting the Lucky Strike area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to service the deep-sea observatory stationed there. Since its installation in 2010, the observatory has been collecting time series data on hydrothermal processes, tectonic, volcanic and hydrothermal ecosystems at an active hydrothermal vent site.

The observatory is serviced annually, when a team of scientists and engineers visit to service the instruments, and make a series of in situ measurements. Fluid samples and biological samples are carried out during each maintenance cruise in order to complete the set of observations. During the 2015 expedition, a number of MIDAS experiments will also be carried out at the site to look at the ecosystems and fauna around the vent site.

You can follow the progress of the cruise via the expedition blog or via Ifremer's Facebook cruise page.


Right: The ROV Victor being deployed from RV Pourquoi pas? at the Lucky Strike site. Image courtesy Ifremer/J.Sarrazin.