MIDAS takes part in DOSI webinar series

News date: 
June 20, 2014

MIDAS Coordinator Phil Weaver and Hannah Lily from the SPC-DSM project teamed up to present a double bill on deep-sea mining as part of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Intiative's online webinar series. Broadcast live on Wednesday 18 June, Phil introduced the MIDAS project, its goals and challenges, and how it will engage with stakeholders and governance bodies. Hannah gave an overview of the SPC Deep Sea Minerals project, which focuses on the governance and management of deep-sea mining around Pacific Island States. To listen to the webinar as an online WebEx recording, please use the link below:


Other presenters in the seminar series included Kristna Gjerde speaking on "Laws, policies and plans for the deep ocean", and Sandor Mulsow from the International Seabed Authority who gave an overview of the ISA's role in governing mineral epxloration activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction.