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MIDAS partners gather in Portugal

News date: 
November 21, 2015

To mark the successful completion of the second year of MIDAS, project partners congregated in Sintra, Portugal from 16-20 November 2015. During an intensive week of plenary sessions, workshops and planning meetings, some 65 presentations of data and results were made. The project has made significant progress in its second year, with more than 200 days spent at sea collecting data that will contribute to our knowledge of the potential environmental impacts of deep-sea mining.


View of Sintra from Moorish castle


In addtion to the 70+ project scientists, members of the MIDAS Advisory Board also attended the meeting. Their role is to offer advice and guidance to the project from the perspective of stakeholders such as the International Seabed Authority, industry and the international science community. Their advice for the effective translation of MIDAS results into recommendations for the emerging deep-sea minng sector was valuable and will help guide MIDAS to a successful conclusion.