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MIDAS Final Meeting underway in Gent

News date: 
October 4, 2016

After 3 years of hard work, the MIDAS partnership is meeting for the final time in Gent, Belgium. During this week, MIDAS scientists will present their final results and key outcomes to an open audience, which includes representatives from industry, civil society, regulatory bodies and policy-making circles.

During the first three days of the meeting (Tuesday to Thursday inclusive), an intensive programme of talks will showcase the activities and outcomes from the full range of activities undertaken during the project, including the investigation of the risks associated with gas hydrate exploitation, the potential of deep-sea muds as a source of REEs, the range of risks and impacts associated with mining of SMS deposits and ferro-managanese nodules, and the potential for ecosystems to recover following exploitation activity. Additionally, MIDAS research into industry best practice, the legal framework for the regulation of mineral exploitation in the deep sea, and the societal implications of deep-sea mining will be presented.

The final day of the meeting will focus on policy-relevant aspects of the MIDAS results, with extensive discussion on the implications of some of the project oucomes for future development of deep-sea mining regulations.


As an accompaniament to the MIDAS final meeting, a summary publication, "MIDAS Research Highlights" has been published. This 40-page document showcases and summarises the key outcomes from the project, and is available in hard copy (please email Vikki Gunn) and as a downloadable low-resolution PDF file. A more comprehensive and technical summary of the project results will be available in early 2017 as part of the ISA's technical series publications.


MIDAS Research Highlights publication - download as PDF (1.4MB)