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MIDAS cruise features on EuroNews

News date: 
September 8, 2016

A recent EuroNews report features MIDAS scientists undertaking scientific research into the potential risks to ecosystems posed by deep-sea mining. The film, which was shot on board the RV Pelagia during this summer's MIDAS field testing cruise offshore the Azores, shows some of the experiments that the MIDAS team are undertaking in order to understand the potential effects that mining activity may have on coral physiology and health.


Above: Cruise leader Ian Stewart (MIDAS partner Fugro) explains the need for scientiifc research to understand the environmental impacts of deep-sea mining


Above: Scientist Ines Martins explains the purpose of seafloor experiments involving corals and their importance for understanding the potential risks to ecosystems


To view the film, please go to

The film is accompanied by a short explanatory featurette on deep-sea mining: